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Any citizen who is interested in helping to develop the area (which means more money, more business, more jobs, and better living for everyone) is eligible to be a member of the Chamber of Commerce. The dues structure is designed to permit even the smallest business to be a member. The work of the Chamber is financed by the investment of the members who support it on the basis of their ability to pay and their interest in the progress of the area.Never before have members received more benefits from their Angleton Chamber of Commerce membership! Services range from promotional programs which enable the Chamber to better promote Angleton, information services, business networking, advertising, and educational programs and much more.The many upgrades in technology have allowed the Angleton Chamber of Commerce to better promote member businesses to future clients and customers. Our publications are made available to all Chamber members, visitors to our community, those who inquire about Angleton, and can even be found in hotels and other business locations in the area. Our web-site offers additional worldwide exposure to Chamber members.

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